Did you ever play the truth or dare game?


Truth or dare is a type of game that is frequently played by teens and young adults.The participants are usually friends or people who know each other. It is mostly played at a party or road trips. The group sits in a visible angle facing each other, mostly in a circle . The opening question asked during the game is “Truth or dare?” and which ever option the player settles for determines what the next question is going to be.In which the person is expected to pick either truth or dare.Sometimes there can be supplementary rules on how many truths a person can answer before he or she is asked a dare question is. The environment of the game is usually friendly enough to accommodate the player. The game contains a wide range of questions in which the person asking decides which ones to go for based on the the player’s first question. In truth or dare people are not supposed to get serious or offended. The players keep an open mind on the questions they are asked. Sometimes people choose this game to find out things they don’t know about the other person .

When the player chooses truth, the player is asked a question which is mostly crazy and weird and in he or she has to give an honest answer no matter how personal or shameful the question could be.
When the player chooses dare, the player is usually assigned a task that they must complete. The dared tasks are usually awkward and shameful as well but they cannot pass it on either. The person has to do whatever it takes to accomplish the assigned task. This game usually calls for guts. It is also fun when played by people who are high or used to each other well enough.

In this game, the satisfaction and the fun is in doing the craziest of things that could be possible.The player is expected to be open enough in answering without shaming from the members of the group. The player is not allowed to choose or hint on the kind of questions they want to be asked.
After the player has completed their turn successfully, he or she can truth or dare another person in the group. This cycle continues until each person in the group has participated in the game.

The game is usually characterized by the following;
1. The participants are usually friends or people who know each other.
2. The truths and dares cannot be skipped or passed. If done so, the player is up for punishment which is decided by an agreement of all participants before the game starts..e.g. drinking alcohol.
3. Every question or task assigned depends on the answer given to the first question.
4. Truthfulness is expected when answering.

The game is usually open for modification before it begins depending on the participants.
At the end of the game the participants have fun which mostly results to the following;
1.Damaged property.
2. Relationships and friendships are likely to be broken.
3. Bad reputation.

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